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The 2nd Annual Ottawa Children's Market

The 2nd Annual Ottawa Children't Market will take place on Saturday, November 18, 2023 from 1-4 p.m. at St Columba Anglican Church, 24 Sandridge Road, Manor Park, Ottawa.


This year, ARC Studio School will host 48 businesses developed by 70 entrepreneurial children. Entrepreneurs, ages 6-14 years, develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and proudly serve customers at this one-day Market. The event has grown tremendously over last year and promises to be a wonderful experience for all young entrepreneurs involved. 

Meet Our Vendors

Ages 6 - 8

Ayla’s Cakes

We sell vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with colourful icing and sprinkles.

Hello Panda

Hello Panda is all about making moments colorful and fun. Check out our chunky bracelets – they're super cool and will make you look extra special! Made right here by a sparkly young creator.

Leo’s Cafe

I’m selling oatmeal-chocolate cookies, hot chocolate, and coffee.

The Imaginators

The Imaginators are a team of sisters. We are selling circle (twirly) skirts and necklaces. We also have hand designed mystery candy bags and amazing cookies that we think you will love!

The Wizard Shop

The wizard shop sells magic wands and back in time watches. The wizard will also perform some magic.

Grant’s Clay Market

Grant’s Clay Market will be selling polymer clay holiday figurines and ornaments. I will be giving half my proceeds to CHEO.

Hot To Go

Want a good, creamy hot chocolate, visit my store called Hot To Go.

Marvelous Malena

Offering homemade, healthy cat, dog and human treats. For artists, we have hand decorated rainbow pencils. Malena is an artist that loves drawing and creating her own mini-books. This is her first time ever selling at a market.

The Mini Makers

Make sure to visit The Mini Makers - a tenacious friend duo making their first appearance at the market this year! Their enchanting resin ornaments and suncatchers are lovingly made with hand-picked pieces from nature, and their charming watercolour cards add a splash of whimsy to any occasion.

Hello Art Cookies!

Hello Art Cookies! is selling chocolate and sugar cookies with decorations, made by Pé and Nora.

Katty Kat’s Dog Treats & Cat Toys

Katty Kat's Dog Treats and Cat Toys sells handmade, small-batch, dog treats made from whole ingredients, and cat toys made from recycled, upcycled, and thrifted materials. The purrrrfect gifts for your favourite furry friends.

Shelby’s Face Painting

I’m doing Shelby's Face Painting because I love going to events and getting my face painted. I hope other people will enjoy it too.

The Three Turkey Tea Company

Hi, we are Lincoln and Nathan from 'The Three Turkey Tea Company.' Our parents started calling us turkeys when we were babies and three is our younger sister Jane! Last year we learned how to forage and blend wildflowers to make beautiful teas and now we are excited to share them with you. This is our favourite tea come fall and it's good for us too.

Ages 9 - 11

Anson’s Mandazis

Mandazis are a fried dough African snack often made in the shape of triangles and are puffy and taste a bit like old fashioned donuts with hints of coconut milk and cardamom. A pack of two are $4 and, when available, you can add $1 and dip them in a chocolate or caramel sauce.


I've been writing poetry for three years now, since I was six years old. I was inspired by Shel Silverstein. Some are funny, some make you think about life. I’ve included all my favourite poems in my book.

Made by Mimi and Nomi

We are a sibling team who like to craft and make sweet treats. We are selling our family's sauce a la crème (traditional Québec fudge), assorted flavours of hot chocolate mix, scrunchies, framed cross stitching artwork and wreaths.

Ruby Creations

Ruby Creations was born out of a passion for all things creative and the desire to share my art and become a business owner. I am very excited to launch my business, Ruby Creations, at the Ottawa Children's Market.

Snowflake Creations

After suffering a concussion at 6 years old in 2020, I started making jewelry and started my own business! I make affordable earrings that appeal to both adults and children.

Teinture JEC

At Teinture JEC, we (two sisters) are selling homemade tincture of oregano, echinacea and mint that we have harvested from our garden. We just decided to start this business this Summer and this market will be our first event. Thanks for your support!

Ziggamallows Gourmet Marshmallows

Ziggamallows is a small business that was created in the spring of 2023. We sell homemade, gourmet marshmallows in a variety of delicious flavours! With the cooler weather, we have added a hand blended hot cocoa mix. It's a perfect match!

Aylin’s Jeweller

Luxury handcrafted jewelry and luscious service at Aylin’s Jeweller shop. Come meet Aylin and browse her selection of unique creations!

Goji Plants

This is my first time doing the market and it is also my first time growing Goji plants. I think that it will work pretty well!


We are a sister and brother team who love to bake. We have vegan hot chocolate and cookies for you to enjoy. Stop by our booth to say hello.

Sisters’ Crafts

We are a sibling team, it's our first time participating at the Children's Market and we will be selling funny greeting cards and paper baskets, also some yummy treats!

Sweet Surprise Donut Shop

We make delicious homemade donuts.

The Beauty

Hi I’m Eva, I make and sell all-natural skin care products that make your skin feel and look amazing! I know this because I use them myself to help me with my own skin sensitivities. I’ve been selling them for the past year at my school craft sale and to friends and family. They’re great gifts and I hope you try and enjoy them!

Beautiful Creations

The entrepreneur behind Beautiful Creations has been working on her shop since she was 5 years old. She's attended several markets and has an online shop. I'm selling barrettes, earrings, glass bead bracelets, and more Christmas items. It's my first time selling my delicious cookies - I can't wait for you to try them!

Kawaii Things!

Kawaii Things is owned by two creative 9 year olds who love all things cute. Kawaii Things will have magnets, earrings, bookmarks and cotton candy for sale.

Mohammed's Origami Shop

Hi, I'm Mohammed, I've been doing origami for 6 years. I will be selling origami, a Japanese paper folding art form. Come visit me at Mohammed's Origami Shop for cool action origami toys, fun Ninja kits and spectacular dragons and animals.

Slime Time

Slime Time came about because I LOVE everything about slime: making it, kneading it, experimenting with ingredients, and making the biggest slime bubbles and bursting them to see others’ joy and surprise! This time, I am replicating popular fast food drinks and making them out of slime.

Please note: I am an autistic entrepreneur. I may speak and act in unexpected ways, which can be confusing if you don’t know me, but similarly, your ways of speaking and acting are confusing to me! I promise to be kind and answer questions, if you presume my competence, give me some time, and are open to learning.

Tcat Games

WAKE UP! Dream Monsters is a board game with a variety of monsters in it. Battle monsters to get to the end of your dream and wake up. 2-5 players, perfect for ages 6+.

The Successful Siblings

We will be selling Syrian traditional sweets, Bracelets. We are so excited to be here and looking to sell all our stuff.

Ages 12 - 14

Acorn Crafts

We are a small class of homeschool kids creating Waldorf inspired, natural and eco-friendly crafts and gifts. Come by our booth to see our naturally dyed wands, pressed flower pots, beeswax lanterns, felted products and window stars.

Béa Bijoux

I create unique clay earrings for all generations and my collections are inspired by the seasons. I really enjoy seeing people wear my creations day after day.

Felted Friends

I am selling handmade needle-felted ornaments based on birds and other small animals.

Meg’s Memorabilia

Meg’s Memorabilia is a new business, owned and operated by Megan Kearney. I (Megan) sell handmade cards and bookmarks using watercolours and Posca markers that are for holidays and other events as well as some just to say hello to your friends and family.

Ryan’s Origami

Ryan’s Origami folds paper into complicated models including dragons, ornaments, bugs, and animals — some of which are framed or mounted. Every model has no cutting or gluing.

Wooly Creations

Our business, Wooly Creations, knits quality wool hats. We knit each hat with care and patience to provide our customers with top quality wool hats that will keep them warm all winter long.

Brielle's Creations

Brielle's business was created 5 years ago. She is passionate about her creations. Some of the items she will offer are: Knitted dish cloths, Chocolate bark, Hot chocolate bombs, and earrings.

Classy Creations

Classy Creations makes fun and classy wood dollhouse kits and furniture for kids.

Girls Making Stickers

Sisters Skyler and Wynter love to create and sell stickers based on their artwork and have been doing so since August of this year. These artists are eager to share their passion with everyone so if you love anime, blobs, cute animals, food puns and much more, come say hi and check out their creations.

Morning Brook Jewelry

I am selling earrings and bracelets. This year, I have hired my friends as employees to make some of the bracelets; I design the bracelets and I am paying them both for their work. This is my second year at the children's market.

Savonnerie Al-Omra

Artisan Handmade soap company

Buttons Galore

Design your own button or choose from a pre-made selection of designs.

E & A Arts

We are two friends who have been making paintings and selling them for over a year! We are so excited to be selling our paintings at the Children's Market for you to see!

MG Marisol Gavrel Candle Shop

MG Marisol Gavrel candle shop offers a variety of lightly scented candles made of natural soy wax. Made with love, my candles come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Looking forward to showing you my passion for candles!

Old Brown Organic Dog Treats

Throughout my life I have been involved in animal nutrition, from feeding wild birds to helping take care of our puppies, and I want dogs to enjoy the benefits of organic food. My business, Old Brown Dog Treats, is offering organic, high quality dog treats made of local ingredients that are harvested seasonally like pumpkin, blueberry, and apple.

The Candy Shop 2.0

The Candy Shop 2.0 sells home made cotton candy in a variety of different flavors.

Many Thanks to Our Local Sponsors

Aubergine & Olive

Merivale Vision Care

Ottawa Street Markets

Surgenor Ottawa

Elle Odyn

NUVO Eye Centre

Planetary Technologies

Tebcal Cleaning

Hendrick Farm

Oapem Consulting

Print Parrot

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